We provide system and hardware design services to companies engaged in the design and manufacture of all types of electronic products, primarily in the fields of telecom, datacom, wireless and graphical user interfacing.
Our consulting practice covers general digital design, mechanical design, high speed transmission lines, FPGA's, RF, thermal, analog and many other technical disciplines.
  •   ComSysDes consultants can either be the actual and only design team that the customer needs, or provide a "jump start" to a new engineering organization or just fill a temporary manpower gap in the customer resources.
  •   We cover many technical disciplines. In case of doubt, just get in touch with us. We will most likely be able to find a solution or put you in the right track for finding one...!
  •    The commitment to our customers also extends to providing referrals to other consulting companies or individuals, in case that we could not address the issue at hand with the resources available at a given time.