C.V.'s of the Principal ComSysDes Consultants
Jose Alvarellos, Terry Fernandes, Omeed Marashi, George Dutkovsky, Jose (Jr.) Alvarellos, Ahmad Marashi, John Moore, David Fettig
Jose Alvarellos: Principal Engineer and ComSysDes co-founder.
Jose Systems Architect and experienced technical leader. Created and sustained development organizations, 30+ years experience. Ample experience in all areas of product development of the telecom and datacom markets, from conception to launch into Manufacturing. In addition to the electrical development, the hands-on experience includes packaging, agency approval, document control, customer trial, statistical Manufacturing processes, etc. Ten+ years directing development of telecom products including T1 multiplexers and wireless telephony. Highly energetic individual, enjoys engagement with start-ups or very dynamic environments in the development and manufacture of products for the telecom/datacom industry.

Career Highlights
Extensive experience in:
* Systems Design - digital, analog, telecommunications, data communications.
* Mixed Technologies - video, RF, DSP, analog and digital; system thermal and mechanical issues.
* Strong in Fundamental Engineering, well rounded in support of Physical and Biological sciences.
* Manufacturing Support: - Documentation Control, Test Engineering
* Schedule Generation - systematic approach for reliable schedules.
* Communications - with customers and marketing department.
* International - complex business negotiations
* Creation of development environments from ground up
* Agency approvals - UL, TUV, FCC, design for approval

Positions Held
Principal Engineer and General Manager: 1999-present: ComSysDes LLC (Fremont, CA)
Consulting Engineering company specialized in computer and communication business. Assisted client companies in system and hardware design. Coordinated and directed a team of independent professionals in several engineering disciplines. Contributed and personally performed detail design of numerous cards and sub-systems. Consulted in system topics ranging from cooling and chassis design to foreign telecom agency compliance testing.

Director of Hardware Development, Engineering Services & Customer Support: 1994-1998 Diva Communications (Oakland, CA):
Pioneer company in the Wireless Local Loop business. Contributed to the architecture and personally designed several key system cards. Built, organized and managed the H/W Development and Engineering Services groups. Managed the UL, FCC and TUV product approvals. Created the Test Engineering group and did its successful spin off to a new Manufacturing facility. Contributed to the successful first international product deployment in the field.

Director of Product Development: 1987-1993 Telco Systems (Fremont, CA). Responsible for the system architecture and subsequent development of the first CCITT/CEPT E1 PCM multiplexer developed in the company. Run for two years most of the Engineering department (H/W Development, Document Control, Component Engineering, Agency Approvals, Mechanical Design, Sustaining Engineering and Firmware Development). Streamlined the development process by choice of development tools, some developed in-house. Responsible for the system architecture and the subsequent development of a new product line. Evaluated partnerships with foreign companies and acquisition of technologies. Direct responsible for the successful integration of a new product line acquired from outside the company. Trained in "Time to Market" and Crosby's "Total Quality Management" methodologies.

Other Relevant Experience: Held senior positions doing electrical development, architecture or Systems Engineering at the following companies: N.E.C. America, Transmission Development Division (San Jose, CA), Telestream Corporation (Mountain View, CA), Avatar Technologies Inc. (Mountain View, CA), Packet Technologies Inc. (Cupertino, CA), Information Solutions Inc. (San Jose, CA), Hasler Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Amatrix Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

  • University of Buenos Aires: Electromechanical/Electronic Engineer (equivalent to MSEE).
  • Many specific technical and management courses completed, foreign and domestic, before and after graduation for various employers.

Personal Data
  • Married, father of four children (three already graduated from college); Argentine citizen, permanent US resident in Fremont, California
  • Other languages: Spanish (native language), Italian (read, speak), Portuguese (read, speak).
  • Enjoy skiing, jogging and reading.
Terry Fernandes: Sr. Design Engineer and ComSysDes co-founder.
Terry Versatile designer and hands-on manager, 15+ years of experience. Very well rounded experience in all facets of the hardware development process: design, implementation, agency approval tests, manufacturing launch and support, testing, sustaining. Familiarity with real world product issues acquired in supporting field installations and maintenance. Very good experience in hardware / software integration. Successful hands-on manager, team member or sole contributor as the project needs may dictate.

Career Highlights
Extensive experience in:
* Systems Design - telecommunications, data communications and digital.
* Mixed Technologies - DSP, analog and digital.
* Manufacturing Support: - Test Engineering
* Field support - national and international customers
* Agency approval testing - UL, TUV, FCC, thermal

Positions Held
Manager, RSC Hardware Development, 1994-1999; DIVA Communications, Oakland, CA: - Team member responsible for the design and development of the Radio Switch Controller (RSC), a subsystem serving as the Controller/Central Office Interface of the DIVA 2000 Wireless Local Loop.
- Personally designed and developed various adapter cards that allowed third party VME [Motorola, PRI, etc.] cards to conform to the RSC proprietary functional specs, as well as Central Office Equipment standards.
- Responsible for the development and tracking of project schedules and coordinating with Engineering to staff and status projects.
- Responsible for conducting pre-compliance FCC type tests, and obtained UL/TUV and FCC approvals.
- Supported field trials of the DIVA 2000 System in Xinjiang, China.
- Supported the transfer to Manufacturing in the building and testing of various Cards.
- Designed the RSC Backplanes and two 68302 based cards (a TMS320C50 based Voice Processing Card and an Basic Rate ISDN card).
- Managed and technically contributed to the development of a MC68360 based E1 Interface Card and the PCB design of various other cards.
- Developed Manufacturing Test Procedures for all RSC Cards.

Member of the Technical Staff, 1993-1994; Andrew VSAT Systems, Fremont, CA - Designed a synchronous data interface based on the MC68302 processor for the SWAN system, a TDMA Satellite Wide Area Network.
- Implemented all the necessary hardware to meet RS232, RS449, and V.35 specifications.
- Assisted in the final hardware and software development for a 9600 baud fax modem interface.
- Designed and implemented digital filters for a voice processing card based on the TMS320C25 Digital Signal Processor.

Digital Hardware/Firmware Engineer, 1989 - 1993, ISS Engineering Inc., Palo Alto, CA - Team member that developed the PageSat 200, a DSP based FDM-FM satellite data and audio receiver.
- Wrote and supported software, initially developed by Consultants, for both the TMS320C25 DSP and 8051 Processors.
- Responsible for final DSP software debug and qualification for a Group2 AM weather FAX modulator and demodulator.
- Developed the hardware and 8051 controller firmware for the UDI-200, a V.29/V.27 satellite data interface.
- Assisted in the DSP software development and code optimization for a Single Side Band transmitter and receiver.
- Designed: FIR and IIR digital filter, using ASPI's digial filter design package; designed phase-locked loops, VCOs and mixers; and automatic gain control routines.
- Modified 8051 code to program new PLL synthesizer devices, and to meet new product specifications and enhancements.
- Designed digital circuitry supporting the TMS320C25 and 8051 processors.

Electronics Engineer, 1986 - 1989, CXR Telcom (formerly Anderson-Jacobson), San Jose, CA - Designed and developed various modem products for domestic and European markets.

  • Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering Technology, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA June 1986.
  • Associate Of Science, Engineering Technology, City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA June 1984.

Personal Data
  • Married, father of one boy; US citizen; born in Kenya, resident in San Bruno, California.
  • Other languages: Swahili (read, speak).
  • Enjoy running, outdoors and reading.
Omeed Marashi: Member of ComSysDes for Marketing and Business Development.

Omeed Omeed has joined the ComSysDes in 2013 in the business & development group. He has accepted the responsibility of Marketing and Business development section at our Company with his background in political science and Marketing.

Career Highlights
Omeed has worked as an Assistant Manager in a small business for over six years and has managed Sales, Marketing and Advertising which propelled the average monthly sales by 30% within two years. Omeed excels in marketing, oral communications, technical writing, presentation and editing the company project plans and brochures.

  • B.A. Political Science from U. C. Davis
  • Completion of Udacity Course in Web development & HTML
  • Power point, Excel and Outlook
  • Fluent in Spanish

Personal Data
  • Team Member, Men’s Rugby Team UC Davis
  • 2nd Degree Black belt, Ernie Reye’s West Cost Martial Arts
  • Basketball & swimming
George Dutkovsky: Mechanical and electro-mechanical design and drafting for the electronics industry.
George Mechanical design of chassis and enclosures, detail parts design, machine design, fabrication drawings, sheet metal design, casting design, parts drawings, large assembly drawings, isometric drawings, electrical schematics. Experience in design for Central Office equipment standards. Specialist in the use of AutoCAD tools (Mechanical Desktop, AutoCad Inventor, etc.) Design for agency approval (UL, TUV, FCC, etc.) Design and drafting for networking and telecommunication devices. Cable and connector drawings. Interfacing with PCB Design. Faceplate design. Supported ComSysDes LLC development of airflow measurement methods and technologies. Dedicated full time professional, attention to detail, works well in multi-disciplinary environments.

Career Highlights
Experience in mechanical design tools:
· AutoCAD – Expert level – 17-year experience, currently used
· Mechanical Desktop – Expert level – 14-year experience, currently used
· Autodesk Inventor – Senior level –4-year experience, currently used
· Language skills: Polish (fluent, full knowledge), Russian (conversational, advanced)

Positions Held

Sr. Mechanical Consultant: 1999-present: ComSysDes LLC (Fremont, CA). Associated in ComSysDes venture since August 2000.

Mechanical Consulting Service: 8/1997-8/1999 (Emeryville, CA) Performed design and calculations for valve and pipe fittings in oil and gas industry. Responsibility for the implementation of customer design requirements. Released drawings and documentation for prototype fabrication and followed up to prototype approval

Sr. Mechanical Engineer 7/1990-7/1996: Grove Valve & Regulator Co (Emeryville, CA) Design sheet metal chassis, boards and faceplates for the telecom industry following standards for Central Office environment.

Mechanical Designer 1/1998-3/1990 – Geo M. Martin (Emeryville, CA) Developed layout and drawings of machine components, both mechanical and electrical. Prepared documentation for new products, details, assembly drawings.

Mechanical Designer 9/1983-12/1987 - Advanced Products Industry (Mountain View, CA) Performed a wide variety of mechanical tests, measurements and calculations. Environment was Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services.

  • · Mechanical Engineering degree (Polytechnic College, Warsaw, Poland)

  • · Autodesk VIP member since May 1998

Personal Data
  • · Married, one child
  • · Volunteer in community educational activities
Jose Alvarellos Jr.: Specialist in Physical Systems, Software Engineer and ComSysDes co-founder.
Jose Jr. Specialist in Computer Simulations, Physical Systems analysis and Thermal Simulations. Instrumental in providing ComSysDes with the scientific depth required by the complex nowadays communication systems. Bridged the gap between Engineering and pure Science in the practical hi-tech applications.

Positions Held
Software Engineer, Space Systems Loral, Palo Alto, CA.: * Implementation and design of an Analysis and Planning software for satellite operations. Duties include programming in FORTRAN for the mathematical/algorithmic parts of the program (orbital determination, orbital propagation, thruster firing sequences, etc.) and C++ for the GUI part of the software.

Research Assistant, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffet Field, CA. Worked in various basic science research projects: Computer simulation of solar plasma. Writing, debugging and optimizing the FORTRAN code, running the simulations and interpreting the resulting data. 2) Assistant to the Planetary Rings Node at NASA Ames (http://ringside.arc.nasa.gov). 3) Study of stability of distant natural satellites of Jovian planets/Celestial Mechanics (this research led into M.S. thesis).

Part Time Faculty Instructor, San Jose State University (Physics Department). Various duties, among them: 1) Teaching of lower division undergraduate physics laboratories. 2) Taught a calculus-based physics lecture in the Fall semester 1996.

  • Certificate of Achievement at NASA Ames? Space Science Division.
  • Student winner of the annual Division of Dynamical Astronomy student thesis contest (gave a talk at the 1996 Division of Dynamical Astronomy?s 1996 Washington D.C. meeting).
  • Several published papers in the topics of orbital dynamics

  • Master of Science, Physics (Concentration in Computational Physics), San Jose State University, August 1996.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Physical Sciences, University of California at Berkeley, May 1993.

Personal Data
  • Amateur astronomer.
  • Enjoy soccer, computing, swimming, skiing, photography, playing the guitar and reading.
  • Other languages: Very fluent in Spanish (native speaker). Read, write and speak Russian.
Ahmad Marashi: Product Testing Group Manager.
Ahmad Ahmad Marashi joined ComsysDes in January 2002 to manage the Product Testing Group. Prior to joining ComsysDes, Ahmad Marashi served as System Test Verification manager at Lucent Technologies from December 1998 to December 2001, Project lead at Diva communication from December 1995 to December 1998 and PQA Project lead at ROLM PBX system from June 1987 to December 1995. Ahmad Marashi received BSEE & MSEE degree (in Digital signal processing & Filter Design) from State University of Long Beach, California. His experience during these years is as follows

Career Highlights
Extensive hands-on experience in:
* Communication Protocols: AMPS, TDMA, T1, E1, SS7 signaling, Call processing, Digital signal processing.
* Instruments: Ameritec Bulk generator, Hammer, Catapult, HP 8595A Spectrum Analyzer, SAGE. * Languages: ”C”, SQA,
* Networking: TCP/IP, Ethernet, X.25, Routers

Positions Held
Lucent Technologies (Milpitas, CA):
  • Managed application and system verification test groups on different releases for Call Application Unified voice messaging projects.
  • Managed for supporting the field and development groups to analyze and reproduce the customer problem that occurred in the field.
  • Managed and supported the corporate voice mail system.
  • Managed the remote PQA group in Bangalore (India) site and he was responsible for disassembling and moving two entire Lucent PQA labs to Bangalore (India).
DIVA Communications (Oakland, CA):
Worked on product testing and software quality assurance of the Diva 2000, a complex end-to-end Wireless Local Loop system for voice, fax and data:
  • Responsible for testing, fault-isolation, and debugging problems at the module, component and a system level comprising RSC (Radio/Switch controller), MBS (Modular Base Station), SMS (System Management Software), SLSU (Single Line Subscriber Unit), MLSU (Multiple Line Subscriber Unit) and third party equipment such as: DLC, Telco E1 back-haul.
  • Involved in maximum call capacity testing of the system (Voice, Fax, Data) using Automated test tools.
  • Performed RF testing using HP 8595A spectrum analyzer, telephone parameter testing using Ameritec AM8E call analyzer and TIMS tool.
  • Wrote the Procomm scripts and QuickLink for Data and Fax automation testing.
  • Provided remote and on-site technical support to field teams at China Xingjang Province and Kazakhstan.
Siemens ROLM Communications
  • Responsible for development of test plans and methodologies for pricing, quoting, and configuration Windows-based GUI Off-Line Tools for the Siemens PBX.
  • Wrote scripts for Off-Line tools using SQA.
  • Project lead for Digital and analog trunk on ROLM and Siemens PBX systems.
  • Project lead VRU (Voice Response Unit) interfacing with IBM host, CallPath and ROLM Phone Mail and Automatic call distribution.

  • BSEE, State University of Long Beach, California.
  • MSEE (in Digital signal processing & Filter Design) from State University of Long Beach, California.
  • Other Training and Achievements: ROLM CBX 9751 Maintenance, VRU (Voice Response Unit), ISDN and T1 Carrier Seminar, Signaling System #7, Catapult, Hammer, Voice over IP class, Management courses.

Personal Data
  • Other languages: Fluent in Farsi (native language), fairly fluent in Turkish.
  • Personal Data: US citizen, team player, flexible.
John Moore: Director of Business Development.
John Moore John Moore joined ComsysDes in 2006 with the mission to bring the company to a new level of business and service. John brings to the table his unusual blend of engineering and business background. While working from his own company, Montara Sales, he accepted the responsibility of Director of Business Development at our company.

Career Highlights
  • John Moore spent 10 years working at equipment manufactures in the Silicon Valley, California, including pioneers such as Brocade and David Systems, as an Electronics Hardware Engineer. He then went on to obtain his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester with an emphasis on Marketing and Finance.
  • As an electrical engineer John has led the successful development of several data communications products. His recent work has been in business development and includes the sales and marketing of engineering services.
  • Past successes have included sales, promotion, and support of capital equipment, patented processes, and software. John has worked in several industries including those involving semiconductor manufacture, consumer electronics, information technology datacenter, nutritional supplement, and plastics.
  • Since the year 2001, John has been engaged full-time in technical marketing as a sales representative.

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from Oakland University, Michigan.
  • Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester

Personal Data
John lives with his wife in North Carolina, near Research Triangle Park, in Southwestern Wake County. Outside of work, John enjoys equestrian sports, volleyball, rollerblading, mountain biking, and biographical studies.
David Fettig: R.F. Engineering
David F More than 20 years experience as a Development Engineer and Project Engineer in Wireless Communication. Performed detailed circuit design of RF, Analog, and PLD’s digital circuits using VHDL. Experienced with system characterization and optimization, design verification and validation. Actively involved in the full design cycle from initial concept to the formal document release to manufacturing. Detail oriented and enthusiastic to learn new skills.

Tools and Resources on R.F. Development
  • VHDL Logic Design targeting Altera and Xilinx
  • Visual Basic Programming
  • FPGA, EPLD, and CPLD Design and Simulation
  • AutoCAD LT2000i and Visio
  • Schematic capture using Orcad, and PADS PowerLogic
  • Microsoft Project
  • Database management using Agile and Relex
  • Analog circuit simulation using MicroSim PSpice
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • RF circuit simulation using Eagleware Genesys
  • Manual and computer-based Smith Charts (impedance matching, etc.)
  • Linux and C language enthusiast
  • Experienced with most types of digital, analog, microwave and telecommunications test equipment, including logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, digital and analog oscilloscopes, power meters, noise figure meters, signal generators, multipath fading simulator, and BER and PER Data Transmission Test Sets
  • Familiar with multiple microprocessors (Microchip 16F877 PIC Processor, Intel - AMD 80C196, Motorola 68HC11, etc.)

Positions Held
Sr. Development Engineer, Setcom Corporation, Mountain View, CA, 2005-2008: Architected, designed, and fully developed two wireless communication systems for public safety applications. Technology is based on the 900 MHz ISM band. Products have been selling very successfully for more than two years. · Created an automated test fixture employing Visual Basic. · Supervised all PCB layouts and selected contract manufacturers for Computer Assisted Manufacturing. · Organized RF lab and purchased test equipment and supplies . · Updated department tools to include Orcad schematic capture, Xilinx and Altera logic design utilizing VHDL, and MicroSim and Pspice simulation. · Initiated ECO and Revision Tracking document control procedures for this company.

Sr. Development Engineer, Aether Wire & Location Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, 2004-2005: Developed circuitries for Ultra Wide Band data transceivers for location awareness applications. Designed LNA amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers, and current-mode electromagnetic transmit and receive antennas. Performed ranging/position awareness accuracy measurements, and evaluated mesh network topology performance.

Development Engineer, Proxim Corporation, (formerly Glenayre/Western Multiplex), Milpitas, CA, 1991-2002: Directly responsible for new product development, including project management for multiple radio families and ancillary equipment. Was directly responsible for OEM product validation, and FCC EMI/EMC product compliance. · Designed 16QAM phase coherent modulator and demodulator cards for the 4T6 Monitored Hot Standby radio. · Designed MHS Protection Switches, 3 different models. Contained 2.4GHz/5.8 GHz RF assembly with switched RF ports, buffered telecom data ports with redundant switching logic. · Co-architected the original Lynx Spread Spectrum ISM/UNII T1 Microwave Radio. · Co-developed a differentially coherent TDD fractional T1 Spread Spectrum radio based on the Intersil PRISM HFA3824 DSSS Baseband Processor. · Authored an extensive DQV manual, (Design Qualification and Verification), that became the basis for all new WAN products at Proxim to ensure design integrity. · Designed and constructed an ATE test fixture with a Visual Basic GUI interface for the manufacturing department, thereby reducing test times. This allowed the operator to be a tester rather than a technician resulting in reduced labor costs and adding consistency to the test process. · Designed VHDL code for an Altera EPLD within the above ATE test fixture. · Key proponent of Design for Manufacturabity, Design for Testability, and In-Circuit Testing. · Determined MTBF values using Telcordia (Bellcore), and transferring Agile data to Relex. Identified components requiring derating in increase MTBF values. · Supervised FCC new product testing at local compliance labs for radiated and conducted EMI emissions. Made circuit and mechanical design changes in order to pass. · Occasional field travel to customer sites to verify and resolve technical issues.

Design Engineer, Cylink Corporation (later acquired by SafeNet), Belcamp MD, 1988-1991: Developed a 900 MHz ISM spread spectrum radio modem utilizing a matched correlator, active and passive Nyquist LP filters, and a Stanford Telecom FEC Viterbi Decoder. Designed RF circuitries including LNA amplifiers, GaAs FET PA Amps with gate bias sequencer, PLL frequency synthesizers, TDD antenna TR switch, and indoor antenna design.

Accomplishments and Carrer Highlights
  • Chaired New Product Proposal meetings, as well as managed weekly progress meetings with engineering teams.
  • Supervised standard functional, and environmental testing of prototypes and pilot runs.
  • Designed combinatorial and sequential logic utilizing the VHDL development language, targeting Altera and Xilinx FPGA, EPLD, and CPLD devices applied to RF projects.

  • Bachelor of Science degree, San Jose State University, August 1996.
  • Certificate in C Language Programming, 23 units, UCSC Extension.
  • Award in TCP/IP and Internetworking, 12 units, UCSC Extension.
  • Sabbatical year in 2003 to expand knowledge on several technical disciplines
  • Altera VHDL seminar, and Digital Design Using VHDL, UCSC Extension.

Personal Data
  • Amateur Radio Operator since age 13, Amateur Extra Class License, N6VM.
  • First Class Radio Telephone License, since age 19.
  • Private Pilot - Single Engine Land – Passed FAA Instrument Rating (IFR) knowledge test (written) with 90%.

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