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We are a "no non-sense" design company and it is very easy to do business with us. These are some examples:

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MARKETING: Our marketing efforts include the publication of this leading information for you to decide if we can be useful in your endeavors. Most of our first time customers are referrals from previous customers.
COMPENSATION: Depending on the size, duration and type of the technical issues that we may be asked to address, we are willing to work with the customer on the terms that best fit the particular needs and financial situation. In addition to the traditional terms, we can accept as part of our compensation: Client company stock, Royalties and other valuable considerations.
PRIVACY STATEMENT: We respect your privacy and this company does not "snoop", follow up, or monitor in any manner your visit to our web site. We leave up to you to decide if and when we should get in contact.
CONTACTING US: Send us email at the link below or give us a call at 510-792-1760.
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